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No two families are exactly alike. Most online legal documents don’t take that into account--something we found out the “hard” way when trying to prepare our own affairs.

That’s why Bloomwell makes it easy to customize documents. From domestic partnerships to single parents, blended families, and everything in between, Bloomwell makes it easy to customize legal documents that fit your family. Including your pets.

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All of your documents are securely encrypted and stored on Bloomwell’s platform, making it easy for you to access your documents anytime.

Need to update a document? Just login, make your updates, print, & sign.

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While your annual Bloomwell Plan makes it easy to keep your documents up to date, or access new documents from our library at any time, we also make it easy for you to cancel at any time. Simply download all of your documents and close your account.

Guaranteed in your state

Bloomwell’s documents aren’t just tailored to your family--they’re also tailored to your state. We brought in top lawyers to ensure that our documents meet your state's best practices & legal precedents, so you can rest easy knowing they are legally valid.

Bloomwell even customizes the Signing Instructions for each document, so you know which ones need to be notarized, and which you can simply sign and file, based on your state’s requirements.

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