Living Trust

Living Trust: Strong Savings and Privacy

Folks work hard to save and provide for loved ones. A Living Trust avoids probate court and associated fees. If you use a Will, it will need to go to probate court, and the court and legal fees associated with that process can add up to 4-5% of your entire savings. That may not seem like a lot, but when it comes to everything you have saved over your entire life, it can be a significant amount.

You may also be a private person or couple, and want to keep your finances and how you provide for your loved ones private. Although a Will goes through a public court proceeding, a Living Trust, by contrast, can be kept private.

Finally, if you have a larger estate, or might have one in the future, then a Living Trust could provide a substantial tax benefit.

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Bloomwell was incredibly intuitive and quick. I thought that constructing a Will would be complex and expensive, but with Bloomwell I was able to do it in minutes!

Aaron E.

Bloomwell allowed me to navigate the process of making a Living Trust with ease. I would highly recommend this service to any and all.

Jenn R.

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I just used the Bloomwell site to create a Living Trust and a Will.  The site was straightforward and the instructions clear.  This is something I have needed to do for years, but I just never got around to it.  Feels great to check this off the my list.

Mike C.

With just a few clicks, my husband and I were able to create all the documents our young family needs.  Bloomwell's service is fast, easy and understandable.

Anusha S.

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