Domestic Partnership Agreement

Domestic Partnership Agreement: Protect Each Other

A Domestic Partnership Agreement lets you share your responsibilities and expenses. It is a flexible document, so you can determine the terms of your relationship. Domestic partner relationships are increasingly common, as many couples now choose not to get married for different reasons (e.g., taxes, privacy).

Discussing finances is a good idea. It can strengthen your commitment by helping you to come to an understanding about your finances and expectations as your relationship moves forward. The Domestic Partnership Agreement also lets you determine the property that will be shared and that will remain separate, which helps avoid conflicts.

Unfortunately, those not married or in a civil union may have few, if any, rights with respect to each other due to their relationship. A Domestic Partnership Agreement helps provide basic rights and obligations.

Domestic Partnership Agreements work great for most people, but not all. If you are married, legally separated, in a civil union, or have a registered domestic partnership with someone else, you cannot create a valid Domestic Partnership Agreement. Also, if you are a same-sex couple, certain states may disfavor your Domestic Partnership Agreement (such as Michigan and Virginia). If you and your partner are a same-sex couple resident in such a state, your Domestic Partnership Agreement may not be enforceable and you should consult an attorney.

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