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Top 10 Best Dad Blogs


Dad blogs are some of the most helpful resources for parents- either for a laugh, important information or just to be a part of a community. Using amazing tools such as Moz, SimilarWeb, and Buzzsumo, we went scouring for the best dad blogs that entertained and educated us as well as other parents. In no particular order, here are our favorite dad blogs!


Best Dad Blogs, Bloomwell- Wills, Trusts, Consent Forms

1.Dad and Buried


Dad and Buried (AKA Mike) has the perfect amount of funny and realness when it comes to raising and writing about his family. Articles like “Dad and Buried’s Annotated List of Things Kids Can Play With In-flight” and “Having a Toddler is Like Prison” will have you laughing out loud, while serious posts like “Allergic Reactions” will make you think. His dynamic writing will have you wishing for more posts.


Best Dad Blogs, Bloomwell- Wills, Trusts, Consent Forms


2. How To Be A Dad

Andy and Charlie know how to create some great comics such as “5 Stages of Teething” and "Beware, Kids Catch On Quickly" that hilariously encapture raising children. They also have introspective articles about fatherhood, such as "Dads Carry the Weight of Their Worlds". You’ll want to share all of their awesome posts with all of your friends!
Best Dad Blogs, Bloomwell- Wills, Trusts, Consent Forms

3. Daddy Files


Aaron of Daddy Files keeps his audience captivated with his natural and creative writing style. From "19 Lies Parents Tell Their Kids" to "Defending Obama's Tears", his range of topics will keep you interested and informed about today’s world as well as laugh to yourself on his relatable parenting posts.



4. Geek Dad


Geek Dad is awesome for keeping up with all of the latest and greatest in the geek world. They have reviews on the hottest toys like the “Lego Disney Cinderella Castle” and video games like "10 Exciting New Video Game Projects", as well as fun parenting articles and things geek parents can, well, geek out on.


Best Dad Blogs, Bloomwell- Wills, Trusts, Consent Forms

5. Dad or Alive


With great articles such as "There's No Manual For Being A Dad" and "Potty Training 101", you will laugh, cry, and appreciate your family as much as Adrian does in his blog. When it comes to hairy situations, Adrian will have you chuckling as you read through his adventures in parenting. He also has a fantastic book available on many different sites.


Best Dad Blogs, Bloomwell- Wills, Trusts, Consent Forms

6. Ask Your Dad


With hilarious parenting articles that make you smile like "Parental Superpowers I Didn't Ask For" and "20 Somewhat Horrible Things That I Do To My Kids That I in No Way Feel Bad About", John is a fantastic blogger that will keep you entertained for hours and hits parts of parenting that are just hilarious as well as sweet.


Best Dad Blogs, Bloomwell- Wills, Trusts, Consent Forms

7. Life of Dad


Creator of the "Cheerio Challenge", this blog does a great job bringing fathers together to form a solid community. With posts like "Real Advice For New Dads", Life of Dad is a great place for other fathers to connect and support each other through both good times and bad.


Best Dad Blogs, Bloomwell- Wills, Trusts, Consent Forms

8. Mark Merrill


Mark Merrill has great advice for marriage and family. He has inspiring articles like "7 Things You Must Know About Your Wife" or "Husband" as well as "5 Ways A Busy Parent Can Be There For Their Kids". Merrill helps find special ways to love and understand your loved ones.


Best Dad Blogs, Bloomwell- Wills, Trusts, Consent Forms

9. Fatherly


A great place for parenting and learning about child development, Fatherly has great articles circulating such as "20 Common But Harmful Mistakes Parents Make" and "How To Teach Your Child Emotional Intelligence". This site is a fantastic source not just for fathers, but for all parents.


Best Dad Blogs, Bloomwell- Wills, Trusts, Consent Forms

10. The Good Men Project


With roughly 2 million monthly viewers, The Good Men Project will inspire you with thought-provoking articles such as "My Dear Son, This Is How To Treat A Woman" and "Relationships Aren't Easy But They're Worth It". These guys will really inspire you to be a good man and/or parent. 


Cheers to the awesome dads that keep us laughing and learning!

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