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5 Cheap Vegetables To Grow In Your Garden

There are lots of benefits to having a vegetable garden, but one of the main benefits is the


 money that you can save. However, most gardeners don’t realize that some vegetables still cost more to grow than they do to buy.

This can make your vegetable garden an expense, rather than a way to save money. The best way to make the most of your vegetable garden is to buy the cheapest vegetables. These vegetables may be cheap to grow, but they are still fairly expensive in grocery stores.

Here are 5 of the cheapest vegetables you can grow in your garden.


1. Tomatoes

Gardening, Bloomwell- Legal Documents For Families

Tomatoes can vary greatly in price, depending on the season and the region they come from. Generally, you can expect to pay between $2 and $4 for a pound of tomatoes. The good thing about tomatoes is that they often produce large yields; you can expect about 80 pounds of tomatoes, worth around $170 to $350, from around four plants. That is some serious money to save!

Growing different types of tomatoes will make sure you have fresh tomatoes often. Cherry tomatoes ripen early, and larger tomatoes will be perfect to eat during summer and fall. You can even can your tomatoes so that you have a year-round supply!

2.Bell Peppers

Gardening, Bloomwell- Legal Documents For Families

Bell peppers aren’t a cheap vegetable, costing around $1.50 each at most grocery stories. Green peppers are often cheaper than red and yellow peppers, as they take longer to ripen, but you can grow any kind in your garden to save money and still enjoy delicious peppers

Pepper starter plants only cost around $1 -$2 from a nursery, so you can buy a few and grow different times. Leave a few for longer so that you can enjoy some sweet red peppers, and keep a few green for variation. You can expect to grow about $100 worth of peppers from a small $10 investment! 

3. Garlic

Gardening, Bloomwell- Legal Documents For Families

Garlic from the grocery store isn’t cheap either – but it is when you grow it in your own garden. You can expect to pay between $1 and $8 dollars for a pound of garlic, whereas home grown garlic is normally only $0.50 for a pound.

Another good thing about garlic is that it is easy to grow, although you must be careful to avoid over-watering them. You will also need to make sure you de-weed the patch where you grow garlic, as it can stop the garlic from growing.

4. Lettuce

Gardening, Bloomwell- Legal Documents For Families

The price of lettuce has gone up over recent years, which is annoying for the salad-lovers among us. Growing your own lettuce is a good way to cut the costs down. Ready-to-serve lettuce can cost around $4, but you can buy lettuce seeds for only $2. The lettuce will grow quickly, and you will have earned your money back within a few weeks.

Save some seeds so that you can replant lettuce every couple of weeks. This will guarantee that you always have fresh, cheap lettuce in your home!

5. Broccoli

Gardening, Bloomwell- Legal Documents For Families

Broccoli isn’t very expensive, but it is still much cheaper to grow your own instead of buying it from the grocery store. It is a cool-season crop, and if you grow it yourself you will have fresh broccoli available for up to 8 months! Broccoli plants are very cheap to buy, and you can expect to get around 2 pounds of broccoli from each plant.

While the savings aren’t huge, if you love broccoli, this is a great way to enjoy it every week without spending much.

Enjoy your vegetables and the savings!

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