About Us

Bloomwell was founded after our own experience trying to buy a simple will online. The only problem? There weren’t any documents out there that fit our family.

And as lawyers ourselves, we could see that the documents that were out there needed “improvement.” So we set out to fix that, and make it easier for families everywhere to protect their loved ones.

Crafted with care

From family structure, to the state you live in, and even religious beliefs, there are a lot of ways your legal documents need to fit your family.

That’s why we brought in lawyers and legal experts from some of the world’s top law firms to help us create customized legal documents that we’re proud to guarantee.

Just for families

In case it isn’t clear, Bloomwell is all about families. From big to small, with kids (the human or four-legged kind) or without, Bloomwell helps families of every shape and size find peace of mind.

Meet the Team

From big to small, with kids (the human or four-legged kind) or without, we’ve been dedicated to helping families of every shape and size find peace of mind, knowing that their wishes will be carried out, since 2009.

Devin Cuyler

It’s Devin’s own experience struggling to find quality legal documents for his family, that inspired the founding of Bloomwell. Devin brings over 20 years of experience in the world’s top international law firms to ensure that every document in our library is family-ready, and legally sound.

When he’s not poring over ways to make Bloomwell even better, Devin enjoys spending time with his wife, who he freely admits is better than him in almost every way, and his two great little daughters.

Kai Kling
Social Media & Marketing

Kai is the enthusiastic, smart, friendly voice behind all of Bloomwell’s social media accounts.

Have questions about Bloomwell? Saw a great article you’d like to share? Send her a tweet @bloomwell!

When she’s not manning the fort, Kai can be found indulging her love of music at any number of concerts and festivals, or diligently defending her chickens against their neighborhood raccoons (true story).

Nicholas Reed
Sales & Customer Service

If you’ve ever sent a question to Bloomwell customer support, chances are, you’ve talked to Nick.

Nick also helps family-friendly employers offer Bloomwell to their employees, as part of their employee benefits programs. Nick loves every dog he sees, especially Ponyo, the office's official boston terrier mascot.

It’s rumored that if you include a picture of your dog with your support request, he’ll send you one of Ponyo in return.

Brandon Wright
Legal Operations

Brandon is one of those folks with unending attention to detail, which is oh-so-necessary.

After all, he’s the attorney that handles all of the legal management stuff that goes on the background so that we can provide you with quality legal documents.

When he’s not “showing off” by reciting state notarization requirements by heart, Brandon spends his free time traveling with his wife.

Michael D'Agosta
Technical Advisor

Michael is our resident tech guru, responsible for keeping Bloomwell’s systems in tip-top shape.

A veteran of many product launches, Michael has a rare combination of technical skills that allow him to manage all of our tech from front to back, from security to complex coding.

In short, he’s a treasure. When Michael isn’t coding away, he loves camping in Yosemite with his two boys.

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